Sample Meeting Request Letter to a Representative: A Free Template

When meeting with a legislator, you will likely only have 30 minutes. That time goes quickly, so you will want to prepare ahead of time for your meeting. You can prepare printable factsheets, supporting policies, and legislation ideas. If you propose anything with costs, you will also want expenses broken down. Most importantly, take ten minutes to share any personal impacts you've had from the issues you're encountering. Sharing your story puts a face to the challenges you've had.

When requesting a meeting, your letter should be simple and direct. The following is a template that can be customized and used. Do not only send an email but be sure to call your representative's office to ensure they received your email and you get a response. 

The Honorable (First Name; Last Name)
Washington, DC Office
2150 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman (Name),

On behalf of (insert group) in (county and state), I am writing to request a brief meeting with you on (day and date), anytime between (specific hours of availability). Florida's 8th Congressional District stakeholders will be in Washington, D.C., that day. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about the essential role of Congress in helping protect communities like ours from harmful exposures.

As you may know, (group name) is passionate about protecting natural resources like the Indian River Lagoon, drinking water, and health. We realized the importance of connecting with communities in a way that compelled them to care about environmental issues such as PFAS contamination (an invisible danger), the South Patrick Shores formerly used defense site, manatee mortalities, children's exposures levels, environmental safety in schools, disease prevention, and early detection.

Thank you for considering our request for a meeting on (date). We would very much appreciate it if your scheduler would contact me at (phone number) to schedule an appointment.


How to find your representative's contact information: 

Stel Bailey

Stel Bailey, a cancer cluster survivor and environmental health advocate, is a researcher and journalist with more than two decades of multimedia experience, having been published globally.

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