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The Advocates' Voice is looking for skilled freelancers to join us in sharing stories often overlooked by popular media sources. We are open to submissions but also have specific articles for you to work on. We seek well-written, informative articles relevant to various subjects such as current events, policies, the environment, health, justice, education, civil rights, community involvement, science, and more.

Our online publication receives an average of 10,000 views per month and has a newsletter with a subscriber base of 60,000.

Freedom of the Press: At all times, uphold and defend the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression, and the right of the public to be informed. 

  • Media freedom is the right of journalists to report freely on the news without interference from the government or other powerful interests. It is essential for the media to be able to investigate and report on wrongdoing, even if it is embarrassing or inconvenient for those in power.
  • Freedom of expression is the right of individuals to express their thoughts and opinions without fear of censorship or reprisal. It includes the right to speak freely, write freely, and publish freely. Freedom of expression is essential for a vibrant and open society.
  • The right of the public to be informed is the right of citizens to have access to information about the world around them, including information about their government and other powerful institutions. It is essential for citizens to be able to make informed decisions about their lives and their communities.
Contributors: If freelance journalists want to become full-time contributors, they must write and submit at least two articles monthly. To apply for the contributor position, email 

College Students: We are looking for students interested in enhancing their portfolio in journalism, podcasting, and documentaries. Fight for Zero, a community-driven organization committed to environmental health and advocacy formed this media project and is offering this opportunity. They are a not-for-profit and nonpartisan organization that can provide volunteer hour verification.

Films and Podcast: In addition to written articles, the Advocates' Voice also offers a podcast and engages in film projects.

Advertisement: The Advocates' Voice collaborates with brands that share our mission. If you are interested in offering our readers a discount, organizing a giveaway, or establishing an affiliate link, please get in touch with our team via email.

Submissions: You can submit articles individually or as an author when contracted as a contributor. Please refer to the submission guidelines provided below.

Submission Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in submitting your content. The Advocates' Voice aims to distribute content from various communities across the United States, as we believe in showcasing every individual's voice, investigative journalism, and personal stories of making a difference. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you! 

Journalistic Ethics: Being a national media service, Advocates' Voice contributors must adhere to balancing honesty, fairness, independence, credibility, and diversity. 
  • Ensure the accuracy of information obtained from every source and take caution to prevent unintended mistakes. Intentional misrepresentation is strictly prohibited.
  • Make a diligent effort to locate individuals involved in news stories to allow them to address misconduct accusations.
  • When possible, identify sources. The public has the right to receive as much information as possible about the credibility of these sources.
  • Before assuring anonymity, carefully considering the sources' motives is important. Make sure to clarify any terms or requirements associated with any promises given in return for information.
  • Protect the identity of sources confidently, supplying information and material gathered during your work.
  • Ensure that headlines, promotional material, photos, videos, audio, graphics, sound bites, and quotes accurately represent the information.
  • Never plagiarize.
  • Do not create any content that incites hatred or discriminates against individuals based on their age, gender, race, color, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.
  • Recognize diversity in human societies with all their races, cultural beliefs, and values to reflect them well.
  • Recognize a special obligation to ensure that the public’s business is conducted in the open and that government records are available for inspection.
  • Always protect the value of media freedom, freedom of expression, and the public's right to be informed.
  • Give voice to the voiceless; official and unofficial sources of information can be equally valid.
  • Stand by colleagues in the profession and offer them support when required, particularly in light of acts of aggression and harassment to which journalists are subjected.
Submission Requirements: 

  • Disclaimers: Disclaimers should be included in articles that provide medical or legal advice to inform readers about their obligation to seek appropriate care to meet their requirements.
  • Sources: To ensure accuracy, it is necessary to provide supporting documents and sources. Articles should be backed up with relevant documents, links, studies, videos, and specific dates of events.
  • Grammar: The text must be written in English without spelling or grammatical mistakes. Definitions should accompany acronyms to ensure that the general reader can comprehend them. 
  • Horizontal Image: Every article must contain a horizontal image. We will select one for you if you need an appropriate image. The image must be high quality and have no watermarks or text.
  • Videos: If you possess a YouTube video that you wish to include in your content, provide the link, and one of our Advocates' Voice editors will insert it into your article, as it requires knowledge in coding. 
  • Other: An editor will do tags, locations, article descriptions, and URL personalization. 

Content Not Accepted:
  • Disrespectful, intimidating, hostile, derogatory, degrading, humiliating, or threatening content towards any individual or group.
  • Content that engages in defamation and hate speech and contains personally identifiable information.
  • Articles biased towards any particular political party. Focus on presenting factual information, discussing legislation, and providing civic engagement advice, avoiding including personal opinions about party affiliation.
  • The Advocates Voice does not permit any content related to sexually explicit material or products. Articles should refrain from including references or links to sexual content, illegal content, or offensive language.
  • Copying articles, opinion columns, or news stories from other websites is not allowed as it infringes on copyright laws. Utilizing copyrighted content from other sources is considered a breach of The Advocates Voice's Terms of Service.
News media outlets or nonprofits can republish The Advocates' Voice stories unless stated otherwise. Kindly distribute our work according to the following conditions:
  • To give proper recognition, you must acknowledge the Advocates' Voice and mention the story's original author. At the beginning of your own story, insert a sentence stating: "The Advocates' Voice originally published this story." Make sure to hyperlink the name "Advocates' Voice" to the original URL of the story.
  • We do not allow any modifications to our content except for making adjustments related to time, location, and editorial style.
  • Selling our content individually or utilizing it for commercial purposes is not allowed. However, you are permitted to display our articles on pages that include advertisements.
  • If you decide to distribute published articles on social platforms, we'd appreciate it if you mentioned the author in your posts. 
  • When you republish our work, you are not allowed to sell, license, syndicate, or present yourself as the legitimate owner of our content to any third parties.
  • If you have any inquiries about republication, please contact our editors.
To uphold and defend these rights, we must all:
  • Support independent journalism.
  • Speak out against censorship and repression.
  • Educate ourselves and others about media freedom, freedom of expression, and the public's right to be informed.
  • Hold governments accountable for protecting these rights.
Here are some specific actions we can take:
  • Donate to or subscribe to independent news organizations like the Advocates' Voice.
  • Share articles and stories from independent news organizations on social media.
  • Attend protests and rallies in support of media freedom and freedom of expression.
  • Contact elected officials and urge them to support policies that protect these rights.
  • Teach children about the importance of media freedom, freedom of expression, and the right of the public to be informed.
Managing Editor, Stel Bailey / @StelBailey

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