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Important message regarding this website's photography, video, and material (including, without limitation, the text, website design & code, artwork, photographs, images, video material, maps, data, etc.) is copyrighted unless stated otherwise. You may not share photos owned by this site and claim them as your own. You must attribute the website the image is affiliated with (,,

All other photos are authorized for use on this site by other photographers who are credited through captioning and with watermarks. You must ask the creator directly for permission to share.

We invest time, effort, money, and skills in capturing images, videos, and other content for our website, blog, and publication. These creations are not public domain.


Work that goes into documenting various environmental issues such as unusual mortality events, formerly used defense sites, sewage spills, pollution, waste, fish kills, algae blooms, and wildlife takes time and money. For instance, some projects require boat rental, vehicle gas, equipment such as binoculars, special lenses, processing programs, and more.

Repurposing or reusing our works, especially for financial gain, is considered copyright infringement, and you could be liable to pay damages.

You are required to have prior permission to use, borrow or display ANY photographs or text from this site, except for sharing watermarked content to social media and student projects for educational purposes, with proper attribution to,, When in doubt, contact us to request permission.



! Unauthorized reproduction of our work intended to make money, including but not limited to documentary, fundraising, campaign, newspaper subscription, advertising, promotion, and other projects, is NOT OK.

! Unauthorized derivative works, such as making a painting based on a photo, making a photo part of another photo, or editing and republishing it, is copyright infringement.

! Do not remove watermarks from photos.

! You may not copy, download, screenshot, or capture the photographs or video in any other fashion.

! You may not distribute copies of our photographs publicly without requesting permission and properly crediting the owner (the website must be listed).

! Repurposing or reusing work can be considered copyright infringement.



Those wishing to use photographs, images, and other work found on this site commercially must receive express written consent from Executive Director Stel Bailey.

​Requests for using copyrighted materials should be submitted to Stel Bailey at

A fee may be required for a one-time use of the image(s) with attribution.



Here are a few examples of when it's acceptable to use our images for educational purposes with proper attribution to Posts, websites, and content usage cannot include links to sites selling products, asking for donations, or including a financial gain of any kind.

​• Students are welcome to incorporate images into school reports, presentations, etc., for free so long as proper credit is listed as

• Sharing original posts from social media pages operated by Fight for Zero is encouraged.

​• Saving and sharing images to social media without removing the Fight for Zero watermarks for educational purposes and giving proper credit to (the website must be listed). Social media sites include Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

​• Using information and content for educational purposes of presenting to legislators, leaders, students, family, neighbors, physician offices, etc., with proper attribution to

You agree by sharing watermarked images off this site that you are sharing copyrighted work for educational purposes, non-commercial use, and not for profit and that the work must not be altered or changed in any way and must be presented in the original form with proper credit to



Those who wish to use photos or videos taken by Fight for Zero or content from our live streams, graphics, or other work for projects where there may be financial gain must receive written consent from Executive Director Stel Bailey, pay a fee for one-time usage for each image, and sign an agreement. To obtain authorization, send an email to In that email, include the following:

1. What images would you like to use

2. Where will the images be displayed (web, print, project, youtube)? Please share the link to your blog, website, social media, and other places you plan to share.

3. How will they be displayed

4. Intent of its display

5. Duration of their public viewing

6. Will there be financial gain while using our images, including, without limitation, an option to donate, links to sites that accept money or sell products, advertising, and on any site you plan to share our work? Please be specific as possible. Honesty is the best policy.

7. Will your project be considered political or showcase any politicians?

8. Any other information?


Any commercial use of copyrighted works without prior consent violates United States and International copyright law.

A one-time fee will be available for images with one-time use and attribution to Prices start at $35 per image.


First, a request to and written permission reply from Stel Bailey permitting to use of the requested items. Second, credit and acknowledgment to

​All the photographs and images on this site are copyrighted unless stated otherwise.


This copyright statement applies to all photography, images, videos, and data found on this website and other sites managed by Stel Bailey. We run numerous domains, social media sites, and blog sites. Please read carefully before downloading, linking to, or printing copies for use.

Read the US Copyright law information:

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We do not offer a backup service for our images; if you have bought digital copies or have been supplied with digital copies of images, you are responsible for the safekeeping of those copies. We advise you to make at least another complete copy of the photos and store them safely.

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