15 Environmental Documentary Films that Educate and Inspire

A look at some of the best documentary films that raise awareness about environmental issues affecting communities across Florida.

1. Toxic Florida 


2. Pesticide Lake

3. Poisoned Water

4. Chasing Coral


5. The Devil We Know 


6. Toxic Puzzle

7. Trashed 


8. The True Cost

9. Racing Extinction


10. Tapped


11. After the Spill


12. A Simpler Way


13. Living the Change


14. Rotten  



BONUS: Dark Waters Movie


We support documentary films that bring awareness to issues related to environmental consecrations, empowerment and activism, cultural compassion, and human rights. We believe in the power of film to educate, create empathy, change perceptions, and inspire action on critical issues facing humanity and our planet. 

Please comment below if you have watched any of the above documentaries or have other ones we should check out!

Fight for Zero

Our team brings passion and drive to take on environmental health challenges. Our mission is to inform, educate, share resources, and inspire action to protect natural resources.

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