How Digging Holes on the Beach Can Harm Sea Turtles

Help protect sea turtles by filling in holes and collapsing sandcastles on the beach!

Sea turtles visit Florida's beaches every year between March and October to lay their eggs. However, activities like building sand castles and digging holes can harm them and their babies. Not all sea turtle nests are protected, so digging deep holes might accidentally disturb a nest that hasn't been identified yet. It's important to fill in these holes to prevent the turtles from getting trapped, and removing sand sculptures helps clear the way for them. Items like tents, chairs, and other trash can also be dangerous obstacles for nesting sea turtles.

Trash on the beautiful beaches of Florida is harming sea turtles. Plastic waste affects their ability to reproduce by changing the temperature of the sand where they usually lay their eggs.

Every year, marine mammals lose their lives due to consuming plastic or getting trapped in it. They often confuse trash with their food, leading to choking, injuries, or starvation.

The most promising way to save sea turtles is by leaving the beach the way you found it.

Sea turtles are protected by the US Endangered Species Act of 1973 and Florida Statute Chapter 370.

Remember to throw away debris, fill in holes, observe nesting from a distance, and keep your lights out near the beach during the nesting season. Never interact with or disrupt a nesting sea turtle, use lighting on the beach at night, touch hatchlings or egg shells, and use shovels to dig on the beach during nesting season.

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