New Study on Environmental Contamination in Brevard County, Florida


Fight For Zero is partnering with researchers from the University of Florida in a 3-year study in Brevard County on Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other contaminants to help build resilience to environmental contamination in the face of flooding and hurricane risks.

The team will consist of environmental health and environmental engineering experts from the University of Florida (UF), along with members of the community.

The new study is a major shift in progress for the county in terms of better understanding PFAS contamination health risks and preventing exposures.

"It's a really exciting step forward because it will not only give us more answers but we are hoping to help build resiliency for the coastal communities across the nation," said Stel Bailey, executive director of Fight for Zero. "We won't only be doing water testing either. We are collecting fish tissue, and samples of other suspected contamination. A part of this project will be training citizen scientists to get involved in helping us and giving feedback."

According to Dr. Eric Coker from the UF research team, “We are really interested in getting feedback about our project and recommendations from community members. We see this is as a great opportunity to partner closely with Fight for Zero in order to create volunteer opportunities for citizens to not only contribute to the research and to help raise awareness, but to also build resilience to environmental contamination, natural disasters like hurricanes, and related health risks in the region.”

"I’m especially thrilled that we will be doing it across the county and not just one area," said Mrs. Bailey. "I hope you will continue to be a part of helping reduce exposure, bringing awareness, gathering data and info, and saving lives."

Fight for Zero

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