A Chemical Lobbyist Tasked to Protect Consumers

By Stel Bailey 
Published May 19, 2020

Who is Nancy Beck?

Throughout her career, both inside and outside of government, Nancy Beck has a long record of opposing and weakening safety standards, jeopardizing the public health and the environment, particularly concerning toxic chemicals, including PFOA and PFOS.

Nancy Beck was recently nominated to Chair the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the federal agency responsible for protecting the public against dangers associated with consumer products, including toys, children's products, power tools, cleaning supplies, and some building materials. She has a long history of working at the federal level to protect corporate wealth instead of public health both as a chemical industry lobbyist and a federal employee. Her track record is troubling for the well-being of Florida residents.

She was in charge of EPA's Office of Chemical Safety when we learned about TCE, PFAS, and other toxic chemicals in our drinking water. While directing EPA's chemical Safety office, Nancy Beck failed to use her authority to address PFAS contamination and has undermined efforts to strengthen protections from these harmful toxic chemicals.

Nancy Beck's deeply problematic record isn't limited to undermining efforts to address the PFAS crisis. She has blocked numerous efforts to protect the public from cancer-causing and brain-damaging chemicals, demonstrating her unfitness to lead an Agency that is supposed to protect children.

Most recently, Nancy Beck is linked to the suppression and gutting of the CDC's COVID-19 report on responsibly reopening the country--a valuable document to help state and local governments--as well as small business owners.

Nancy Beck is the wrong person for the job of protecting the public. The last thing Floridians and their families need is Nancy Beck as Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Our children's health should be protected, not sacrificed.

Stel Bailey

Stel Bailey, a cancer cluster survivor and environmental health advocate, is a researcher and journalist with more than two decades of multimedia experience, having been published globally.

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