25 Waste Free Stores that are Changing the Future

Photo by Boxed Water is Better

Waste-free goods help us create a plastic-free future. We wanted to find companies helping change the future with zero-waste solutions. These stores offer plastic-free, reusable, and earth-friendly packaging. 

Zero Waste Goods that are Changing the Future

Photo by Verde

1. Verde is a popular zero-waste store in Florida that offers dry goods, oils, and personal care products. They realized that recycling could not be the only solution to the amount of garbage we produce. They advocate for conscious consumerism.

Teaching how to make hand sanitizer. Photo by LUFKA. 

2.  LUFKA prides itself on being Tampa's first zero-waste store and specialized in DIY personal care products. They also host workshops that teach to make DIY products (like skincare products, candles, and fermented foods). 

Photo by Jar Zero Waste

3. Jar the Zero Waste was the third zero-waste store in America and was founded by a teenager out of Stuart, Florida. Brandi Kneip is inspired by the zero-waste lifestyle.  

Photo by One World Zero Waste

4. One World Zero Waste was opened by a couple in Florida. They provide a wide selection of superfoods, essential oils, dry goods, cloth wipes, reusable bags, and more. 

Photo by Drifting by the Sea

5. Drifting by the Sea is an environmentally-friendly skin care line in Florida using homegrown ingredients. You'll discover face cleansers and cream, beauty balms, soaps, exfoliators, and plant elixirs in reusable glass bottles.

Photo by boxed Water is Better

6. Boxed Water is a sustainable water company providing a new type of packaged water. Its mission was to fulfill the need for packaged water more environmentally-friendly way.  

Photo by Bite Toothpaste Bits

7. Bite Toothpaste Bits is a plastic-free way to replace your toothpaste. These are little tablets that foam up with a wet toothbrush. "More than a billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year. Bite was founded on the belief the brighter smile doesn't need to come at the expense of our bodies or the environment." - Lindsay McCormick, founder

Photo by Ruut Goods

8. Ruut Goods are mouthwash tablets that you drop into the water. Their company was started with the notion that personal care products shouldn't come at the expense of our planet. 

Photo by Tiny Yellow Bungalow

9. Tiny Yellow Bungalow is an online shop with eco-friendly goodies. Jessie, the founder, recognized a need for more zero waste shopping options and transformed her blog into a shop.

Photo by Blueland

10. Blueland is a cleaning product company that doesn't use any single-use plastic packaging. Their kit includes reusable bottles, cleaning tablets, and a foaming hand soap tablet. Blueland is on a mission to reimagine all categories of household packaged goods with innovative form factors and environmentally responsible packaging. 

Photo by Life Without Plastic

11. Life Without Plastic carries non-toxic items for the home and kitchen, and children. The site is divided into sections like eating, drinking, kids, and more. It's one of the bigger online shops around. 

Photo by The Wild Minimalist

12. The Wild Minimalist is run by a couple who left their corporate jobs to travel. They backpacked through different countries and were inspired to eliminate unnecessary waste from their lives. Its mission is to help others reduce their dependence on plastic. They include waste kits and earth-friendly options for pets. 

Photo by The Refill Revolution

13. The Refill Revolution sells zero-waste containers, household items, bulk refills of essential oils, vintage goods, gardening items, and more. Brittney LaGesse is passionate about reducing waste and teaching others how to do the same. 

Photo by EcoRoots

14. EcoRoots was founded by a couple living in Colorado who wanted to inspire others to live a plastic-free life. "We believe change comes from ourselves; that is why we started checking the packaging when we shop and do our best to avoid plastic when it is not necessary."

Photo by Zeroana

15. Zerovana is a family-owned plastic-free shop based in Texas. They sock categories like personal care, to-go items, waste kits, and even compostable bamboo band-aids. 

Photo by Well Earth Goods

16. Well Earth Goods is based in Oregon and sells plastic-free essentials. They want to share their passion with others by providing quality products that support a minimalist, waste-free lifestyle. 

Photo by Whitney Lee Morris @whitneyleemorris

17. Package Free Shop was founded by blogger Lauren Singer. She is known for fitting all the trash she produced in five years in a 16 oz jar. This company not only sells zero waste products but also helps its suppliers reduce their plastic consumption. 

Photo by Zero Market

18. The Zero Market sells non-toxic and ethically sourced products (like hygiene, drink containers, grocery, kits). The store is in Colorado, believing "good things come in no packages." They also offer zero waste workshops, such as composting and making personal care products.  

Photo by Eco Collective

19. Eco Collective is a one-stop shop located in Washington. They are tired of trying products that turn out to be less effective, too expensive, or hard to find and aim to make sustainable living easy. Their main categories are wellness, beauty, office & school, and on the go. 

Photo by The Good Fill

20. The Good Fill sells refillable and reusable products like containers, bags, and pet products. Their refillable products include shampoo, hair spray, and lotion. Located in Nashville, Tennessee they want to "tackle the idea that we don't have enough time, money, convenience or resources to change the habits consumerism has trapped us in."

Photo by Refill Shoppe

21. The Refill Shoppe specializes in refillable bath and beauty products, essential oils, and home cleaning items. Their refillable products include a yoga mat spray, soap, and massage oils. Found Michelle Stevens grew up on a sailboat for ten years and established her shop in 2010. 

Dishwasher pods. Photo by A Drop in the Ocean.

22. A Drop in the Ocean offers cup cozies, pet care, children, personal care, and travel essentials. A Drop in the Ocean is a Washington-based zero-waste store dedicated to giving back to the environment. Its mission is to use business as a driving force for change. 

Photo by Fill Good Co.

23. Fill Good Co. is based in San Francisco Bay of California and offers zero waste home essentials. "Because I care deeply about the potential impact on our health and our environment, you'll only find truly natural products." - says Stephanie Regni, founder

Photo by @carterandrosepdx

24. No Tox Life offers soap, beauty, bath, and other unique zero-waste items. They are a local, family-run business, and each product is handmade using the highest-quality ingredients. 

Art by Dawn Harrell

25. Dawn Harrell Art is a Florida surf artist and environmental activist passionate about sustainability. She is devoted to abolishing single-use plastic by only using the five Rs of Zero Waste in her gallery. 

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