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PFAS (in blue) and Cancer (in red)

Do you know anyone diagnosed with cancer or an autoimmune disease? Fight For Zero's Executive Director began crowdsourcing information in 2014 after going into remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We believe in clean water, a better environment, and healthier communities. We can accomplish that through data, science, and collaborations with experts.

Our goal has always been to save lives! We have partnered with professionals, colleges and universities, and national coalitions and shared our results with communities through mapping. We are more than a number, and every person counts. Be sure to self-report your information and be a part of keeping Florida healthy! This information helps us provide education and resources for communities across this beautiful place we call home.

We were founded by a group of cancer survivors and families who lost loved ones to illness. Together we are making a difference. We are more than just a number! We are families, survivors, sisters, spouses, mothers, fathers, and more.

Our crowdsourcing efforts helped us get the Brevard County Cancer Assessment. A collaborative effort is done with an Oncologist who not only was diagnosed with rare cancer but lost a dear friend to the same disease at a young age.

By mapping these diseases, we hope to bring a visual to communities and leaders that will inspire a positive change for the future.

Fight For Zero's crowdsourcing and mapping has helped bring communities together over one common bond, illness. 

Fight for Zero

Our team brings passion and drive to take on environmental health challenges. Our mission is to inform, educate, share resources, and inspire action to protect natural resources.

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