Brevard County in the News for High Cancer & Disease Rates

Countywide, Brevard had a higher rate of all cancers combined 12 years in a row, from 2005 to 2016, according to FDOH data.

South Patrick Shores & Satellite Beach 2018

Florida Agency Collecting Data on Patrick Air Force base cancers (

Oncologist concerned over high number of cancers in Satellite Alumni (

Cancer Cluster? 20 cases in Satellite High school graduates (

Cancer mystery: 20 cases pop up among Satellite High grads within years of each other (

High number of cancer cases among Florida high school friends prompts doctor to urge investigation (

Doctor asks health department to investigate cancer diagnoses in Brevard County (

Cancer-causing chemicals detected in groundwater at Patrick Air Force Base (

Photos: Concerned citizens meeting about Cancer Cluster (

Satellite Beach-area cancer survivors talk strategy (

Doctor holds meeting to discuss string of cancer cases in Brevard County neighborhood (

A Brevard County cancer survivor believes she’s proof that unexplained cancer cases now being discussed started years ago (

Cancer Cluster? 20 Cases Diagnosed in Former Satellite Beach Classmates (

Cancer spike seen in Satellite Beach neighborhood (

Doctor who got cancer at 30 demands probe into Florida Air base (

Brevard cancer survivors talk strategy; Satellite Beach to test for toxic chemicals – Florida E-Peak (

Erin Brockovich’s New Fight: Toxins at Military Bases (

Brevard County Schools: Brevard Public Schools to test drinking water at barrier island campuses (

Florida community raises alarms about potential cancer link to water contamination (

Brevard County school district to test 13 schools’ drinking water for chemicals (

Amid cancer cluster fears Brevard testing water at 13 public schools (

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